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RT2012: a stricter regulation on water treatment

This regulation entered into force on 1st January 2013 and stipulates that new buildings have to reduce their consumption of primary energy by 2 to 4. Its aim is to save 150 billion kWh and to reduce the CO2 present in the atmosphere from 13 to 35 million tons for 2020. Arionic partners with Schneider Electric to offer a solution with a low cost of installation that reduces gas consumption for domestic hot water and water heating by 20%.

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Water quality : municipalities continue to install our devices

Municipalities attach great importance to water quality. However they can have problems with limescale that disrupts water supplies. They are few solutions to limescale deposits in drinking water systems. If softeners can provide an effective solution in a private home, this is not the case in communities. Indeed, apart from the cost and the essential maintenance, they change water physicochemical properties and for this reason they cannot be a reliable solution to treat drinking water.

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Cooling towers: restriction of the use of chemical substances for water treatments

The major orientations of the new ICPE 29-21 regulation that shall take effect from January 2014 have been revealed. The Ministry of Ecology, Energy and Sustainable development and the Ministry of Health have stated their intention to restrict the use of chemical products to treat cooling circuits and cooling towers.

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