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A simple and ecological water treatment to optimise agricultural and horticultural production.

The NEW IONIC™® system is applicable to the treatment of water supply, to the recycling of the drainage solution, as well as to the mixing and homogenization of the solution in the storage pond. The neutralisation of the effects of crystallisation means the avoidance of deposits of carbonates and derivatives. In addition, the combined de-biofilm and anti-bacterial treatment limits the formation of algae or fungal bodies and reduces the level of bacteria in the solution. In this way, the assimilation of the nutritional contribution is optimised.

  • PREVENTION OF LIMESCALE DEPOSITS (no further need to clean with acid)
  • REDUCED MAINTENANCE (solenoid valves, drips,…)
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL ACTION (replaces chlorination and/or UV)

The effect of the NEW IONIC™® system is not to modify the chemical balance of the water, but to transform the crystalline structure of CaCO3 from calcite to aragonite, 30 times smaller in size. Now, the absorption of the fertilising elements is essentially carried out through the root system. The phytosanitary products needed for the development and treatment of the roots are therefore more present in the nutritional solution with NEW IONIC, than in untreated water.

What’s more, the modification of the surface tension of water treated with NEW IONIC has an influence on the ionic exchange, which is the basis of the absorption process. If we consider that the nutritional elements supplied by chemical fertilisers are absorbed in ionic form by the plant, it’s easy to understand how a solution of fertilising water, using the NEW IONIC™® system, becomes highly assimilable by the effect of ionisation.

It is possible to make a significant reduction in the contribution of fertilisers, and at the same time to augment the plants’ development: simply by treating with the system NEW IONIC™®, the nourishing solution becomes immediately available and assimilable.