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Newsletter #4 – June 2013

ARIONIC : 10-years’ experience in physical treatment of fluids

ARIONIC : 10 years’ experience in the physical treatment of fluids

2003 was the year of ARIONIC’s first steps in the distribution of NEW IONIC equipment for the physical treatment of water and combustibles.  In 2013, ARIONIC is changing its dimension by integrating a complete series of services to become your privileged partner in the domains of WATER, ENERGY and the ENVIRONMENT.

Supported from the start by industrial clients such as PSA, ARIONIC then developed its activities in the hospital sector by obtaining the ATEX from CSTB at Broca Hospital, part of AP-HP (Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris).  Our progression since then has been in the commercial and housing sectors, with a very strong industrial base.  ARIONIC knew how to evolve in response to the market’s demands, by proposing services going from conception to operation, going through the validation stage.   In the realm of water, we even integrate the analytical monitoring of our chemical-free treatment solutions.  In the field of energy, we fit boilers not only with economisers but also with online measuring systems which allow the quantification of energies over the long term. 

 A very comprehensive website

To mark this tenth anniversary, ARIONIC is putting its new website on-line, rich in multiple applications, specifically developed for each trade.  You can also find full details of our technology and its results, our range of equipment and our recommendations for monitoring installations.  We enrich it with feedback from customers’ case studies, which allows you to link the technology together with the reality of its installations on site.

This new graphic layout shows our strong attachment to the environment, to which an entire chapter is dedicated.  You will see there the benefits of our solutions with reference to water and fossil fuel savings, our assistance in respect of the RSDE (Research into Dangerous Substances in the Water) and the future 2921, to the needs for HEQ terms of reference and also to health problems.

A technical library is at your disposal, including a whole series of scientific papers supporting our interest in alternative solutions for fluid treatments.


The SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC partnership for energy efficiency

The City of Paris has just published the list of successful candidates in the context of its second call for projects demonstrating “Energy Efficiency in the Building”, launched in January 2013.  In an original feature of this contest, companies were invited to install their life-size solutions on various sites (housing, commercial, business) administered by its partner estate agents.  Among the twenty winners is ARIONIC, for its system of ‘intelligent gas heating’.  This consists of the NEW IONIC Catalyser and a boiler regulator from  Schneider Electric, ARIONIC’s partner in the project.

“The NEW IONIC Catalyser (NIC) produces an extremely intense modulated magnetic field in which gas circulates.  This field creates a reduction in the energy necessary to rupture the carbon-hydrogen liaison, making the flame more energetic and the combustion better.   The Schneider Electric regulator takes local real climatic data into account, instead of the average day’s degrees, to modify the boiler heating curve and its operation,” explained Cyril Zekser, technical director, who estimates the saving: “at 20% over the majority of existing installations.”

Installation schema



Protecting drinking water distribution installations:  feedback from the Syndicat des Eaux of Quesques (the Quesques Water Company)

The inter-community water company at Quesques (62) handles the distribution of water over eight communities as well as being responsible for fire defence.  The initial problem to be resolved in this case was the presence of limescale blocking the inlet filters each time a fire service tender was refilled.  An ARIONIC physical anti-limescale treatment device was installed at the end of 2011 between the borehole and the covers of a first storage building serving 400 distribution points. A few weeks after installation, visual inspection of the basins revealed that adhering limescale structures (calcite) were coming away; the required results – restoring the fire network to full operational condition – were achieved in six months.

Following on from the success of this first experience, the Quesques Water Company equipped a second building supplying 1,400 distribution points with two parallel devices.

Left : First equipment installed (400 distribution points)
Right: Second equipment installed (1400 distribution points)


At each operation on the network, the water inspector noted a progressive de-scaling of the equipment, without blocking the channels in any way.  Operating certain valves is once again possible.

Our treatment also protects against the presence of biofilm in the network.  As a result, it has been noted that preventative chlorination is more stable than before.

In this way it has been shown that ARIONIC ‘s solutions provide a real response to the problems of limescale and the presence of biofilm in drinking water distribution installations.  A series of studies is under way to quantify the perceived improvement in water quality with the end users.  In fact in highly calcareous regions (>40°F) such as the North of France, the majority of customer complaints are about limescale, and the ARIONIC solution avoids using individual water softeners.

In this series of installations, the next phase will be operational in 2014, on a new estate of private houses.