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Water Quality : QUESQUES municipality’s case study

The quality of drinking water supplied by municipalities is highly regulated and there are many constraints when it comes to water treatment. QUESQUES municipality entrusted us to address their problem: the water tank and the inlet filters necessary for the filling of fire trucks were blocked due to the presence of limescale deposits in the pipes. Following the positive results, the municipality decided to extend protection for its water distribution network in 2013.

Hard water is not inevitable

Drinking water that is supplied in most cities of the French department of Nord is a very hard one. This water hardness leads to problems and to ever-increasing limescale deposits in water networks.

The municipality of QUESQUES faced the following situation in 2011 :

  • The municipality’s fire networks scaled up, causing the valves to block and  the water terminals to clog.
  • The fire trucks became unusable because their inlet filters were clogged due to the presence of limescale slabs in the water.


To solve these problems, ARIONIC installed a water treatment system of 45m3/h between the drilling point and the temporary storage water tank in December 2011.

6 months later, the limescale deposits had entirely disappeared (see photos).


Disparition totale du tartre sur l'échelle en moins 6 mois.

Extension of the experiment

As a result of this success, the municipality of QUESQUES decided to install two 45m3/h additional water treatment systems to descale the drinking water distribution network (1400 individual houses).

Here are the achieved results :

  • Since July 2012: the fire-fighting system is operating at its full capacity again
  • Since March 2013: the preventive gas chlorination is more stable
  • It has been noticed that water pipes are not clogged anymore
  • The handling of some of the dam valves can be done again


In the last year, 6 new municipalities have chosen ARIONIC to ensure the drinking water quality in their networks.
So why not you ?

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