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Water quality : municipalities continue to install our devices

Municipalities attach great importance to water quality. However they can have problems with limescale that disrupts water supplies. They are few solutions to limescale deposits in drinking water systems. If softeners can provide an effective solution in a private home, this is not the case in communities. Indeed, apart from the cost and the essential maintenance, they change water physicochemical properties and for this reason they cannot be a reliable solution to treat drinking water.

In the SIVOM of Quesques (an intercommunal union), drilling water has a high level of hardness as everywhere else in the North of France. The presence of limescale in pipes blocked the inlet filters necessary for the filling of fire trucks and there was an additional constraint which was the breadth of the network. A few weeks after the installation of the drilling water treatment by magnetic polarization, the results were clear and revealed that limescale deposits were progressively coming away. Following these results, the municipality decided to equip other districts.

Soon after, a neighbouring conurbation faced the same limescale problem. The Campagne les Hesdins SIVU (another intercommunal union) realized that its water network which also supplied a hospital was beginning to clog up. Following the positive results of Quesques, the municipality decided to install this water treatment system on the town main water supply.

The installation took place in two steps, first with a 75m3/H output and then with a second output that would support the maximum flows distributed in case of fire.

Following the installation, scaling stopped. The ARIONIC system is a preventive solution as well as a curative one, including on cold water. It is an innovative technology based on the permanent and definitive modification of the crystalline form of limestone that impacts on the pipes within several kilometers. Thus, the water quality and drinkability is preserved without any alteration of its physicochemical properties.


Blocked inlet filters in June 2013
Water terminals are clogged

(Hospital Center)


ARIONIC Installation
- Preventive effect
- Curative effect

For more information on the actions of the New Ionic Water Conditioner on the water quality of a communal water supply, please contact Sébastien Pottier to or by email sebastien.pottier@arionic.com.