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Cooling towers: restriction of the use of chemical substances for water treatments

The major orientations of the new ICPE 29-21 regulation that shall take effect from January 2014 have been revealed. The Ministry of Ecology, Energy and Sustainable development and the Ministry of Health have stated their intention to restrict the use of chemical products to treat cooling circuits and cooling towers.

Water treatment in cooling towers avoids industrial and sanitary issues such as scaling, corrosion and clogging. From now on, cooling towers are subject to new regulations that are essential to take into account.

These new orientations focus on the limitation of the use of environmentally harmful products such as chemical ones and on the treatment of discharges. Very often, the side effects of these products on the environment are unknown by the operators. These measures remove the injections of non-oxidizing biocides except where no other solution is possible. They allow the operators to use any physical or chemical treatment that has proven effective on the proliferation risk management.

Water treatment for cooling circuits is undergoing a major change.


The ECOTEC treatment is a solution in line with this evolution.

Anti-limescale, de-scaling, anti-bacterial, de-biofilming

• cost control
• no chemical discharges
• optimal management of risks

With the ECOPTIMUM global monitoring, we support the technicians and operators who need a follow-up on cooling towers. The alliance ECOTEC-ECOPTIMUM is an innovative solution to these regulations. It offers an ecological and efficient water treatment thanks to a unique process that acts on limescale, bacteria and biofilm.

These measures shall take effect from 1st January 2014. They are a good step towards reducing water pollution.

For more information on the actions of the ECOPTIMUM product or on the treatment of water in cooling towers, please contact Sébastien Pottier to