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Water Treatment

Distributing and storing healthy, non-scaling water without chemicals

The NEW IONIC magnetic descaling treatment brings a proven solution to the problems of limescale and bacteria without affecting the physico-chemical properties of the water. Without consumables, and needing reduced maintenance, our systems allow for the continuous and reliable management of internal water networks, without the use of chemicals.

ARIONIC has a wealth of experience of over 15 years on the technology known as ‘magnetic polarisation’. The guaranteed effectiveness of our equipment is based on the use of new high-performance materials (rare earth elements), more and more used in eco-technology. Breaking with the so-called ‘traditional’ way of treating water, we provide unique, combined systems which are appropriate to our clients’ demands:

  • ANTI-LIMESCALE : changes to the crystalline structure of the CaCO3
  • DE-SCALING : progressive weaking of the limescale particles
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL : reduction of bacteria passing through the equipment
  • DE-BIOFILMING :destabilisation then dislodging of biofilm

Every day, we show that it’s possible to improve sanitary safety without using chemicals,while reducing operating costs.